How to make a Mom smile when she’s sad?

Make your mom smile! As a kid growing up, I didn’t get to see my mom that often because she was either working late or I was at swimming or soccer practice.  I remember seeing the joy on her face when she would be at one of my sporting events, whether it was watching me play and chatting with other parents. Remembering the times we got to spend together were always great. It seemed to me that as long as we were together, everything was ok and she was happy.

As I got older, I noticed the joy was no longer there and the days for her became more anxious and frustrating. In my early years, I took many things she did for granted. I always wanted things my way and unfortunately never fully realized all the work a single mom had to do. Until I was about 12 (when we moved to Los Angeles from Canada), I started to pay attention to all of her hard work.

Spending quality time with her and doing the things she liked doing became important to me. I sacrificed my time so I could make her happy.  Whether it was watching her favorite show on TV, doing a puzzle, playing a game or even just talking about stuff. As much as I wanted to have fun with my friends, the reward was so much bigger when I chose to hang with my mom instead. Making her happy was a priority, so I would spend a couple of hours a few days out of the week, hoping she would be just that. I definitely saw a change in her mood and demeanor, which in the end ultimately brought me joy.
Our moms will do anything for us. If you just take a moment to spend real time with her, you will see the joy in her and also in yourself. How many times will you make your mom smile this week?

-Giles, Guest Blogger and Young Warriors Mentor

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