Sometimes, I feel like I can’t do anything right!

Sometimes I get so frustrated! I have always felt that I was a bright person and was able to learn or do anything. However, as I started to get older, I began to doubt and even question myself. Maybe it was because my father was not in my life or the lack of reassurance from my mom or peers. I can think of countless times, I felt good when I did well in sports, got A’s in class, or started my own business, and there was no one to validate my effort.

As time passed, I started to think I could’ve done better and would beat myself up and constantly question if I was really good enough due to the lack of affirmation. I would hear my friends parents give them high praise for their accomplishments and knew in my heart that I did a better job then they did. I just couldn’t make out why I didn’t have that. I began to notice how insecure I was becoming and because of that, I knew I had to change my way of thinking. Learning how to process tough decisions and build self confidence was a direction I couldn’t afford to miss.

A strategy in obtaining this was going to my family members and especially my friends for advice and support. Another practical step in my journey, was not sulking in my mistakes. I acknowledged my poor decisions in the moment and took that as growth. Realizing that no one is perfect also helped me in many matters. Lastly, I made it a point to search for what my strengths were and focused on that. I searched for my passion and continued to develop improvement in those areas. All of this increased my confidence and led me to a road of success. I could’ve prevented the way I felt most of the times, had I used the tools that I learned later in life. Having close friends and family members you can talk to are the strongest tool you can have to get through just about anything. Lastly, I do believe If I had received the approval that every boy deserves at a young age, perhaps I would have never had to write this blog.

-Giles, Guest Blogger and Young Warriors Mentor

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