Our Model

Use every day as an opportunity to make tomorrow even better.Group & Strength-Based Mentoring

Being in a group is a huge part of building confidence in young men. Boys want to know that they “belong”. Consider sports teams or rock bands, Most of us have probably dreamed about being part of such a group before. We all loved to be picked for a team. Young Warriors gives a boy a place to belong.  Teams help in the development of successful leadership skills and the overall advancement of the boy’s social abilities. We focus on the young man’s strengths, not on his weaknesses. This is where the magic happens! This is where real growth in a boy starts to surface!

Project Learning & Skill building

Project and skill building are a large component of the Young Warriors model for the development of skill building and the overall advancement of the boy’s learning. In the process of starting and finishing projects they invest themselves deeply in their work. Projects are a source of pride for the boys, as well as a permanent reminder of their own accomplishment.

Components of project-based learning:

  • Places boys in decision-making roles which reinforces the skills and techniques learned
  • Gives them the chance to collaborate with adults and peers
  • Design assignments with more than one right answer thereby leaving room for creativity and critical thinking
  • Takes advantage of the unique situations that boys face outside of the classroom setting and the home which increases the pride in their work
  • Shows them that school activities and working hard have value beyond the classroom and at the home
  • Challenges boys to face a process that coincides with real-life problems, motivating them to perform at a higher level
  • Engages them in a project that is meaningful yet fun while completing the task
  • Rewards boys with an end product that shows them that they set their minds to if they put in the effort and trust other people

Mentoring Based on Resiliency

People often focus on the risk factors when working with boys who are discouraged or from a tough environment. In contrast, resiliency building is based on the belief that all young people have strengths and can act on them. With the help and guidance of a positive male in his young life, the impossible suddenly becomes a reality.

Mentors who adopt a “resiliency perspective” focus on nurturing and strengthening “protective factors”. These are the essential elements of resiliency building, and they can weaken negative and stressful experiences and enable our young men to overcome adversity or abandonment. They rise above ethnicity, cultural difference and social and economic class and make a profound impact on the lives of boys who grow up under unfavorable conditions. They are about meeting the basic human needs for caring, belonging, respect and self-determination.