Young Warriors



What is Young Warriors, and how is different from other mentoring programs?

Our program is designed specifically for young men who lack positive males to properly affirm and guide them towards success. Through a unique and inspirational process we equip boys with needed tools and provide challenging opportunities to prepare them to become great men. It is a balanced program that covers educational, physical, spiritual and social needs of the participants.

Parents too! We realize that parenting can be a challenge for all of us! Along with helping young boys to become great men, Young Warriors provides much needed guidance to parents and guardians through our monthly parenting workshops. Licensed Family Counselors, specializing in family and parent dynamics will deliver these classes in a non-threatening and informative way. Parents will be supported and equipped with tools and strategies that will help them to meet the needs of the boys in their care, and will get to learn about how the human brain works too!

How does Young Warriors receive its funding?

We rely 100% on public and private donations. Yes, we need your support! Our program is expensive to run, but the outcomes are priceless! Give to Young Warriors today.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, we are a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization so your donation will be tax deductible.

What is the age range of the youth you serve?

Boys ages 8-18

How are the participants in your program selected?

We conduct an interview with the child and his caretakers. We go through the program step by step to ensure the child (and the caretaker) wants to be a young warrior and is willing to commit to the process.

Do you prepare the youth for the program?

Youth are trained on what the program will be for the year and how to get the most out of it. We also define what a mentor and a mentee are.

How do I become a mentor? What are the requirements?

It is very important for every boy to have strong male role models from whom he can learn . We do a federal background check on each candidate. We also require the candidate to be willing to take a drug test once a year.There is a minimum of a one-year commitment. Each group meets at different times and days. We are looking for great “men”tors! Read more about becoming a mentor.

Who are the mentors and how do you find them?

Referrals from current or past mentors, business employees, teachers, coaches, colleges, churches, etc.…

KEIRA ADD THE “Young Warriors S.A.F.E. Screening Process” PDF here.

How much training do mentors get before they are matched?

Once approved as a mentor, Young Warriors requires our mentors to be thoroughly trained using the acclaimed Young Warriors mentor-training manual. All mentors go through an initial 6-hour training course and receive additional training quarterly.

How much does your program cost?

Upon approval of application, all Young Warriors are awarded scholarships for the program. Private foundations sponsor the scholarships. Simply put, if your boy is chosen your cost is $0!

What is your mentor screening process?

We pride ourselves in having a national standard for screening potential mentors. Our screening process is extremely thorough! We do an FBI background check, Megan’s law search, workplace reference check and in-home interviews. Most importantly, even if the applicant checks out in all of the above areas we still use our “intuition”. If something doesn’t “feel” right, Young Warriors reserves the right to decline them as a mentor.

I’m worried about sexual predators hurting my son; can you please address this topic?

This is something that we are very aware of! We feel as strongly about this topic as you do! Young Warriors has made and will continue to make every effort to safeguard all participants from predators. Before your son enters the program we have already done all of our homework to ensure our mentors are of the highest character (see our screening process). Our screening process and moral requirements are among the nation’s best! In addition, we are a group-mentoring program that does not allow one-on-one time with the youth and mentor, inside or outside of the program. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. We recruit great “Men”tors at Young Warriors. There are a lot of good men in our communities that really want to help our young men simply because they truly care.

What happens if my youth has to leave the program?

What is your closure process? They will fill out an exit survey and we will acknowledge their growth throughout the program.

Do you offer clinical support to youth in foster?

Not at this time.

The Young Warriors program! How can we get one in my city?

We are working hard to provide this program to the millions of children who could really benefit from Young Warriors! Please contact us, and explain why your community would benefit from our unique program and how you could support the program in your area.

Sounds great, how do I know it works?

Seven evidence-base standards in our program to ensure success are: Recruitment, Screening, Training, Matching, Monitoring, Support, Evaluation and Closure.  Read more about how others feel about our program. THIS WAS THE LINK WHERE WE HAD THE TESTIMONIES