For Parents & Teachers

At Young Warriors, we have nothing but praise for mothers raising children alone.

We get phone calls nearly every day from mothers who, despite their best efforts at solo parenting, know their sons need a male role model in their lives. We believe their instincts are right – generally, women can’t model ‘maleness’ and above all else, boys learn how to be a man through modeling their behavior.

We also understand the importance of a teacher’s role in a young child’s life.

 Many times, a teacher is one of the only other adults capable of making a notable impact on the behavior and attitude of a child.  Young Warrior believes you are an integral part of our program; what we teach during our program works that much better when it is reinforced by the adults our participants interact with on a daily basis.  Please take the time to learn more about our program and contact us with any questions or concerns so that, together, we can make a difference in the life of a fatherless boy.

The Young Warriors mentoring program is based on the simple philosophy that boys need good, reliable male role models in their lives to become great men. The idea is simple yet profound. It just involves a few good men showing up every week into your boy’s life, assuring him another man thinks he is awesome and cares for him; giving him an example of what it means to be a good man. No coaching or “man-up” talk, no psychological behavioral management, no blaming of parents. Learn more about us.