Parenting Classes

Echo Parenting

Strengthen the Family

Young Warriors is  proud to offer a complete strengthening the family program! We have collaborated with Echo Parenting & Education to offer the parents of Young Warriors participants unique and comprehensive parenting classes.

Echo’s professional parent educators teach these classes at our onsite facility while the boy is going through his own program; 1-family 1-site 2-amazing programs! We offer a cross section of the community; multi-racial, multi-ethnic, encompassing a wide variety of social-economic circumstance.

Our Approach

Our approach to parenting offers an optimal relationship and the conditions in which children can thrive and grow into healthy adults. By building a tight emotional bond of understanding, nurturing, support, trust, warmth and compassion, a child reaches a high level of emotional development. The tools of the Echo parenting approach respects the science of early brain development and are grounded in the knowledge that to raise healthy children, adults must be in relationship with children through the giving of unconditional connection. Respecting the science of brain development fosters a deep respect of the life force of all living creatures. It teaches connection and support between adults and children in the most profound way possible. At the end of our programs the whole family leaves more resilient, more equip and more stable than they have ever been!