Young Warriors

About the Founders

About the Founders

Jason Hill


Jason Hill was born and raised in the Akron area of the state of Ohio. Raising a teenage daughter and his young nephew, Jason has lived for 16 years in Los Angeles, California where he currently resides. His success took form about a decade ago where he found his niche in the sales world. Nine years later, he decided to leave the business world to do what he felt was his “responsibility” – to give to young, vulnerable boys what he was given; unconditional approval and guidance to young men who are living with little to no hope and without a father to help them.

I had reached a turning point.  I knew I needed help and I wanted to change, but what do I do? Where do I go? I didn’t know any of these things or the kind of people that could help me “change.” Then, I got lucky.  At age 25, I met a man named Leo Mascarinia, who made himself available to helping a guy like myself.  He wasn’t “cool.” He wasn’t flashy.  He wasn’t promising to make me a star.  He was just a guy who chose to invest his time in me to help me become a man, to help fill in the gaps and help to give me something that I should have received from my father. He saw that I needed help and he took action. He helped me to learn what it meant to be a stable and balanced man.  He taught me about trust, about what healthy self-esteem looked like, about how to believe in myself. – Jason Hill

Eric Dickerson


Eric was selected second overall in the 1983 NFL Draft by the Los Angeles Rams. An immediate success, he established rookie records for most rushing attempts (390), most rushing yards gained (1,808) and most touchdowns rushing (18), including another two receiving touchdowns. His efforts earned him All-Pro, Pro Bowl, Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year honors.

In his second season, Dickerson continued his onslaught on the NFL record book becoming a member of the 2000 rushing yards club. Twelve times in 1984 he gained more than 100 yards rushing, breaking the record of 100-yard games in a season held by O.J. Simpson. His 2,105 total yards rushing beat Simpson’s 1973 NFL season record of 2,003 yards. No one has since rushed for more yards in a single NFL season. Dickerson retired from the NFL as the 2nd leading rusher of all-time and in 1999 he was selected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Eric hardly knew his father and was raised by his great-aunt and great-uncle, Viola and Kary Dickerson. Viola, without doubt, has been the single most important influence in Dickerson’s life. In 2013, Eric decided to join forces with Jason Hill and the Young Warriors team in an attempt to tackle one of America’s most devastating social issues, fatherless children.


A “Wonder”ful Boy

Jason and Wonder

Jason and Wonder

It started with one boy. He was 9, and his name was Wonder. His story is all too common—a great kid who who needed positive men to support him over a long period of time.

Throughout our relationship, I realized that I was giving him what Leo gave to me. Wonder didn’t just have me, he had other good men supporting him. With all of us working together to give him support he was awarded “Male Athlete of the Year” in high school. Wonder is currently a preferred walk on for UCLA Men’s Basketball team. Wonder is now a young adult and he now knows deep inside that he is amazing, deeply loved and has tremendous value, which is key for all boys!

Jason decided to give this to as many boys as he could. After several meetings with community leaders, Young Warriors became a reality in 2010. With a desire to inspire these boys to become great men, Young Warriors started with a small group of boys and single moms. It was extremely successful, and before we knew it, we had moms calling us from two hours away asking to come to our events. Initially, Young Warriors was funded from Jason’s personal salary.

The program grew quickly and became difficult to finance and manage. After researching what it would take to make the program sustainable, Jason found that it would require full-time dedication and decided to resign from his position and invest his entire savings to help at-risk and fatherless boys in our society to hear the message that they are important, that they have value, that there are people who can be trusted. All boys need to know ABSOLUTELY that they are more than loved but also that they are PRIZED!