Young Warriors

Our Impact

Our Impact


Young Warriors (YW) is a mentoring program for boys, ages 8-18, who have come up against an undeserved number of obstacles for a young life. These challenges might often include inconsistent or non-existent positive male figures, living in poverty, or other traumatic experiences.

As a result of these letdowns, these boys view the world as a threatening place. This distrust holds them back from developing into healthy adults. Young Warriors interrupts this cycle of distrust by providing these boys with positive adult role models, “mentors,” who care deeply about them.  The young men in our program also experience a safe place to hang out with adults and peers; in this fun and relaxed atmosphere, they can begin to build trust in others and gain hope for their future.

Through a unique and inspirational process we equip boys with needed tools and provide challenging opportunities to prepare them to become great men. It is a balanced program that covers the educational, physical, spiritual and social needs of the participants. The main focus of the program is to develop positive and healthy male-to-male relationships. A secondary, but important goal is to support their progression toward manhood.

Our mentors are also encouraged to find the individual strengths of each mentee and to consistently honor them.  These small acts of acceptance by reassuring adult males go a long way in helping participants to build their confidence and sense of self-worth. These acknowledgements also send the message that each boy is on track to becoming a stable, balanced and happy man.

Through adult and peer relationships, field trips, learning exercises and activities in the group-mentoring setting, these young males will learn what it takes to move from being a boy to becoming a man!

A Man He Can Trust

Knowing there is a man he can trust to show up and to listen should increase your boy’s self-esteem, improve his relationships and promote positive behavior. He will likely do better at school and he will be less inclined to crime and abuse. The statistics on positive mentoring are extremely compelling and we honor the good men who step up to plate and say, “I’m gonna take part in this young man’s life – I’d like to help make a difference, for him.”The Young Warriors program has run successfully since 2009. We have developed a safe and effective program, accepting male volunteer mentors and young men from a wide range of backgrounds.

What else the boys get…

  • Strong sense of his own strengths

  • Clear path to confidence, fulfillment and aliveness.

  • New circle of friends that can relate.

  • Appreciation for his own gifts, blessings and strengths.

  • Respect for women and “feminine” values.

  • Anger management skills.

  • Life in an all male community for a period of time.

  • Men he can trust and rely on.

  • A safe place to ask the tough questions and get honest answers.

  • Guidance that parents and boys can trust, push against, and rely on.

  • An understanding that he is already great!

  • And much, much more!

Make A Difference In The Lives of Fatherless Boys

"Together we can make a difference in the lives of fatherless boys.

Every gift Counts."


Our Method — The Theory of Change

Many of our boys are discouraged.

Many of our boys are discouraged and have been through some extremely difficult times; they have been abandoned and feel like nobody “really” cares about them. Through our research and the research of many others, we have found that these boys have no room to learn or ”believe” in anything, let alone themselves. We have seen that if we inspire and encourage them that they can become powerful beyond measure! It is quite amazing to watch these boys realize what they have deep inside of them.