Strive for 5: Team up to help the fatherless!

Team up to make a positive impact in the lives of fatherless boys.

Strive for 5 is simple and fun!
You + 5 friends commit to donating just $5 per month to helping fatherless boys.

Once your team has formed and all members have officially signed up to give $5 p/mo (recurring), your team photo will be posted to our website in honor of your commitment! You and your team will be invited to special donor-only Young Warrior events to witness the impact you’ve made in our program.

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Young Warriors mentor and mentee

About Young Warriors

Young Warriors is a non-profit mentoring program for fatherless boys from ages 8-18. By providing these fatherless boys with committed and trustworthy mentors, Young Warriors strives to establish positive, healthy male-to-male relationships, and to support these boys in their progression toward manhood. Since 2009, our program has witnessed the breathtaking impact Young Warriors has had on these boys. By helping these boys realize their innate strengths and potential, by teaching them the importance of respecting women and their peers, and by giving them an opportunity to consistently learn from and bond with our admirable and committed mentors, Young Warriors continues to guide these boys towards a promising future as great men. Nothing makes us feel happier or more inspired than to be able to help these boys in any way that we can, and to spread our message along to all our friends and family. Isn’t everything more fun with family and friends, anyway? With our “Strive for 5” campaign, not only will you make a lifelong impact on countless fatherless boys, but you will be able to join forces with your friends, family, co-workers, and peers, and make a positive impact together!

What can $5 per month do?

Your $5 per month will assure that we have the resources necessary to provide our boys with the most educational, constructive and inspiring experience as possible.

Resources include items such as:
pencils, folders, books, van rentals for field-trips, sporting events, uniforms, backpacks, program equipment like balls and problem-solving games, team-building supplies and sometimes even helping a family pay bills.

These are just some of the ways your $5 can make a difference in the life of a fatherless child.

Sign up hereGive $5 Now (with credit card)Give $5 Now (with PayPal)

Thank you to our Strive for 5 Teams!

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