“All boys need to feel powerful and significant… they WILL find it; whether for good or for evil. Let’s believe in them, love them and lead them and watch in amazement as they begin to fly!” —Jason Hill, Young Warriors Founder

Youth Professionals

“I first became familiar with the mentoring program Young Warriors almost three years ago, and was extremely impressed with the impact it was having on at-risk young man in the San Fernando Valley area. Young Warriors is very unique in its approach to mentoring as it seeks to develop young boys without positive male influences and/or fathers. It is in an effective and comprehensive mentoring program proven to dramatically and positively impact young men, and it includes an impressive parenting component in tandem to better address the needs of the whole child.”  —Mr. Lopez, Principal at Apex Academy High School, Hollywood CAEnd of quote
“As a public school educator for 16 years, I have witnessed over many years the effects of broken families—and particularly fatherless households—on the academic success of students. I have personally participated with Young Warriors mentoring program and have come away with very positive impressions of the purpose of the program as well as its effectiveness in interceding on behalf of at-risk boys.”  —Mr. Upton, Teacher La Canada High School, La Canada, CAEnd of quote

Moms & Caregivers

“The men at Young Warriors constantly, give their complete heart, soul and energy to these boys. They show these “young warriors” just how important it is to be a man of your words and follow through, what AMAZING examples of what they could and should look like… then there is all that “dude stuff” (big smiles)…rolling and wrestling in the mud…hiking, riding 4-wheelers and bonding…. My son is always ready for his day there above and beyond other commitments in his life. THANK YOU YOUNG WARRIORS! What A Blessing!!!” —Ashley (Single Mom)End of quote
“My youngest son literally went from getting D’s and C’s to almost all A’s! Are you serious! Wow!  My son tells me, every time he comes back from Young Warriors, that he had the best day of his life, LOL! Thank you! —Susan (Single Mom)End of quote
“The Young Warriors program has helped my son tremendously! I’ve seen the changes in my son, and I can only imagine the impact that the Young Warriors program could have on our community as a whole.” —Yolanda (Single Mom)End of quote
“Consistent and Committed program that helps build my sons confidence! Honestly, I have nothing but love for Young Warriors! My boys L-O-V-E love it! My oldest son just started college, he loves to go back and volunteers as a mentor!” —Pandora (Single Mom)End of quote
“Both of my nephews have been a part of the Young Warriors. Having been through the Foster system before moving in with me, they felt, insecure and disconnected around other kids. The mentors and the other Young Warrior boys in the program showed my nephews, they were not alone. I have seen them feel like they can be kids again. YW has been such a valuable asset for my families well being.”  —Garrett (Uncle)End of quote
“Young Warriors has helped my boys understand they are not alone in a world of fatherless children.   YW has helped my boys build in their confidence level, build trust, and find mentors who can admire and inspire to be like. As a single mother, I need help raising boys to men and YW is helping me accomplish that.  I’m ever so grateful.”  —Andrea (Single Mom)End of quote
“As a single mom, I am not very good at creating adventures for my son or ‘speaking boy’… YW provides those much needed adventures and the YW Mentors speak his language!” —Michelle (Single mom)End of quote
“It’s AWESOME that once I drop them off, I don’t worry, I know that they will be taken care of. Young Warriors has instilled JOY and CONFIDENCE in him we are so grateful!” —Patrick & Sara – (Foster Parents)End of quote
“My boys feel so LOVED and ACCEPTED!” —Kim (Single Mom)End of quote

The Boys

“I used to think I could never be successful, now I feel so excited because I know I really can become a Scientist!” —William, 10End of quote
“Young warriors has helped me in many ways. It has helped me become a better young man. I have realized that I am not alone in this world and that there are people just like me– people who go through the same struggles I do. I can honestly say that without young warriors I do not know where I would be. Young Warriors is a place where I feel at home. It has helped me so much.” —Manny – 16End of quote
“Why can’t we have Young Warriors everyday!!??” —Jason, age 11End of quote
Before I came to Young Warriors I had a hard time being myself. Jason Hill and the rest of the Young Warrior mentors are inspirational leaders. They are the kind of men that I was missing in my life. Now I know many things that one day I can teach to my kids.” —Dallas, age 12End of quote


“I have seen these boys develop a sense of identity and a growing confidence in their place in our community- a sense of stability in their personalities and lives. I am very impressed in the curriculum of the Young Warriors program, and the way it addresses a well rounded approach to the needs of the boys.” —Jay (YW mentor)End of quote
“Every time I spend time with the boys, I always leaving feeling that it was time extremely well spent.” – Edward (YW mentor)End of quote
“It has been an honor to volunteer side-by-side with men who care deeply and are dedicated to helping these young men see identify their strengths, so cool!” —Joey (YW mentor)End of quote
“I have 3 sons of my own, Young Warriors has helped me realize what an enormous impact I will have an on my own boys by just showing up and listening to them.” —Jerry (YW mentor)End of quote
“It gives me so much joy to see the boys smile, have fun, learn & become young men through the things they’ve learned from Young Warriors. What an encouragement!!” Giles —(YW mentor)End of quote
“One of the things that has been most encouraging is seeing the boys grow in their toward the men in YW, (mentors). It has been my sheer joy to watch them grow.” —Derrex (YW mentor)End of quote
“As a volunteer and mentor myself, I had the privilege of serving some of the young men in the program, and I must say YW are doing an amazing job.” —Christian (YW mentor)End of quote