Help Fundraise

Help us reach our goal!Become a fundraiser for the Young Warriors Foundation and make a difference in the life of a boy! Jump start your fundraising efforts by using these simple tips and remember creating an opportunity to give is truly a gift!

Personalize Your Message

Make it personal. Fundraising is about connecting others to your passion. Know your story and share it when you feel compelled. Use a picture or email us and we can provide you with some materials to help you, help us.

Share a Skill

If you have a special skill, host a workshop and charge people to attend (asking them to donate  to gain entrance to your event). This can include a baking night, knitting party, guided local hike, basketball tournament, wine or beer tasting, yoga workshop, etc.

Office Outreach

Bake cookies and put them in the communal kitchen at work and ask for donations in exchange. Make a cool drop box for loose change or cash, Include in your company newsletter or post a link to our website at the bottom of all your emails. Double your efforts by asking your organization for a matching donation!

Call a Friend

Make some phone calls. Call everybody in your cell phone or address book and ask for a $10 donation. One phone call can go a long way! This is also a great way to reconnect with old friends and co-workers.

Email / Ask

Create a fundraising email signature. Let your friends, family and co-workers know what you are up to by ending your emails with a fundraising tag line. “Want to join me in helping at-risk boys become great men?”

Start your own Fundraising Page!

For more fundraising tips and ideas please contact us.